Sunday, September 21, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ok, so maybe "fields" is a bit of a stretch, but I'm super excited to introduce "Shortcake" to the world. She's my wittle strawberry plant who is about to produce her very first berries. She's tiny, but absolutely adorable.


Blogger ghanima said...

OMG, congratulations! My strawberry was budding a few weeks ago, but it didn't bloom. :(

9:04 AM

Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

Thanks! I wasn't expecting Shortcake to bloom either - she's really tiny. Super excited about the little trooper though. :)

Try giving your plant as much sun exposure as you can. I think that was the key.

2:00 PM

Blogger ghanima said...

Sadly, there isn't much sun I can give a plant by our North-facing windows, and without a balcony. If the sunroom ain't doin' it, nothin' will (short of giving it to my parents).

9:00 AM

Blogger celtic_kitten said...

Is that an indoor plant, or an outdoor one? I had one that didn't bloom or fruit unless it was outside (pollenation issues, I guess)...

9:07 AM

Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

I had it outside, with my other herbs, for the summer. At first it produced little white flowers which then budded into the strawberry. Leah, did yours produce flowers?

I did a quick search online, it says they are self fertile but if you have an indoor plant you'll need to hand pollinate with a paint brush or q-tip. It's worth a shot, before lugging it off to your parents.

Ruth, how's your garden out back? You had raspberries, right? Or was that at the old place?

12:20 PM

Blogger celtic_kitten said...

the raspberries were at the old place (but apparently didn't produce any fruit this year at all)... this one's got grapes, but they're not 'eating' grapes, so I think they're going to go bye-bye once fall hits our back yard.

8:08 AM

Blogger ghanima said...

My plant budded, but didn't blossom into flowering. Better luck next year, I guess (when, hopefully, we won't be in our current condo any way).

11:22 AM


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