Monday, December 08, 2008

Ah... sweet, sweet down time.

The bank released results on the 5th, however it seems that didn't matter much... as year end quickly merged into month end and everything continued to be a blur... BUT that's all about to change! Freedom is right around the corner! Woot! I actually found some time today to get my administrative type stuff in order (while at work! imagine that!), like submitting expense reports and figuring out which days I want off this year and next. If you've been following my blog you'll note that I'm totally drained at this point after a crazy over-time schedule during year-end.

I've worked out my time off alotment for next year and cleared it with my manager today. I get my usual four weeks of vacation (technically 21 days if you include the provincial floater), and then another three weeks off as time in lieu of time worked. I think Kev's got about five weeks... so... if we stop being so conservative and cautious AND miserly and decide to just spend the money on a European vacay then at least we've got the time off to pull it off.

My plan is to take some of that time as soon as I can, just so that I can sleep. I need it. Truly need it. Then another few days for Christmas baking and a trip to the US before the holidays. The rest I'll figure out later. Right now I'm just stoked to be taking the regular train home with Kev again and enjoying my evenings again.

Next on the list of things to do --> head over to Granny's home and help her decorate her home for the holidays.


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