Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Checklist

When did it get to be one week before Christmas?? Holy! I think I've been on cruise control and totally lost track of time, now I'm starting to freak out a bit, so I thought I'd jot down everything that's been done so far and try to think of everything that still needs doing.

On the complete side of things:
1. Gran's home is decorated for the holidays, little christmas tree and all. Yay!

2. I've worked out Christmas plans with my family AND Kev's family. This essentially means having Gran stay with us from Christmas Eve and through Christmas which leads into preparations and dinner at our place on the 26th with my fam... then being stuck travelling in a car for 10+ hours the following two days. Don't you just LOVE the holidays? I'm going to spend all day sleeping as soon as we're back in town. Don't get me wrong, I love my inlaws, I just hate the travelling, really not a very big fan of road trips. Must remember to pack chocolate to reduce crankiness.

3. Most of the presents are bought and I've been wrapping them as soon as they've been picked up, so except for stocking stuffers.. most everything is done in the present dept. Well except for Kevin, he's driving me nuts with his request for "oh, just shirts" this year.

On the not-so-complete side of things:
1. Our home isn't finished as yet. I think Kevin has abandoned the icicle lights this year so on the outside we basically look like the red light district, dotted with a pair of lighted palm trees. Classy. On the inside, I've got to make a decision about the garlands that are still not hung, either string them up or put them back into the bin.

2. Dust and vacuum and sweep and mop. The house is pretty clean, but my mom can find even the most miniscule dust particle when she comes over.

3. Figure out what we're doing for dinner #1 and dinner #2.

4. Buy items needed for dinner#1 and dinner#2.

5. Sleep.


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