Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knew it!

Tipped the scale at 154 this morning, no change from last week, though after the weekend I had I should be thankful it wasn't a worse reading. Work's beginning to get really insane again as we approach the end of another quarter at our much loved financial institution, fun! Which means if eating less doesn't help, the stress sure will.

Tune in again in two weeks, next weigh in is on February 10th.


Blogger ghanima said...

As always, I think the key to managing one's weight lies in not allowing setbacks stop you from striving towards the goal. Accept that some times, you aren't going to do as well as you'd hoped (like anyone else who's human), and stay on track).

I think your "Hey, at least I didn't *gain* weight," attitude here speaks volumes about how healthy your psychological response is to your overall physical goal.

1:47 PM

Blogger Michelle Hopp said...

Yeah, since starting to eat healthier, I've been pretty relaxed in my attitude. And really, I have to be, because if I start beating myself up for every set back I'd just end up hating it all, and the motivation would go right out the door.

7:24 PM


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