Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better late than never

I haven't had a chance to update until now, but I did do my weigh in on Tuesday. I was at 153. Not too bad considering I haven't been trying too hard lately. ;)

We had weekend guests last weekend (Steve was in town), and breakfast was massive as is usually the case when we have company over, BUT... I did get a pedometer, and I've started keeping track of my steps. On an average day, without trying I'm at around 4K steps, with a little effort I've been able to bump that up to 6K no problem, so if I REALLY put some effort in I think I'd be able to do the 10K.

In other news, I get my braces off on the 26th and I've taken the day off work to get them removed and to celebrate after by eating something REALLY crunchy. :)
My orthodontist gave me a gift certificate and I plan to use it at the mall that day to treat myself to something nice that I wouldn't otherwise splurge on. I'm thinking a lululemon hoodie.

I can't wait, it's been a long four years of carting all this hardware around in my mouth.

The bank also releases results on the 26th so this means that the auditors will be long gone by the time I return to work on the 27th, woot! Things have been even more stressful this quarter as I've basically been holding down the fort while my boss is away dealing with some personal issues. I'm not complaining though, it's been challenging but interesting being the "go to" person, not to mention that given the times we're in, I consider myself pretty fortunate to still have a means of paying the bills. Times are tough out there for so many others and I hope things turn around soon for those affected.

Well that's about it. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Anonymous Wanda said...

Congrats on finally getting your braces off!!!!! I had my braces on for 4 years (supposed to be 3, but he extended it one more year). I got them off a day before my prom, week before grad.

As for work and being the 'go to' person, I can totally relate! At the store, there are times when the manager, their assistant, and head cashier will step out (for separate reasons and may not necessarily realize I'm by myself briefly). It's cool. (I'm usually given a cell number to reach them in emergency as they don't go far (they are within the plaza the store is in).

Myself and maybe a co-worker have also had to take charge at times at school when the department head is absent and the classroom teacher is also absent. It can be a really cool experience!!

By the way - have fun spending the certificate/card. Enjoy the hoodie (if you still get it)!

10:19 PM

Blogger celtic_kitten said...

Congrats on the braces! I know you've got to be pretty stoked about that *hug*

3:50 PM

Blogger MiraFabulous said...

lululemon hoodies - I have only been able to dream about those!

Awesome splurge idea!
Enjoy - it's well deserved!

8:40 PM


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