Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's been a while

It's actually been so long that I can't remember everything that has happened in the days leading up to this entry, but I'll try.

--Let's start with "My brother likes this girl". It's been such a bumpy ride for him so far having to deal with my parents... mostly my mom, I totally empathize and I hope that it works out, but most importantly I hope that he finds the courage to stand up for what he believes in and that he prays about the decisions he's about to make. It's weird to know that he's got a GF, he'll always be my little brother seeing that there's an eight year difference between us, but he's growing up and and I'll respect his judgement and decisions until I have reason not to, unlike my folks, who've already jumped the gun. *sigh*

--Kev & I also got our very first mortgage statement in the mail, it was actually very weird receiving it, seeing our names on it, mortgages [in my head] were always such an adult thing... but it was also pretty cool at the same time... we're growing up. Well I am, anyway... the jury is still out on Kevin. :)

--Liv and Jen both annouced their pregnancies, they're both due around the same time, and I'm totally excited, two new babies to play with this summer! :)

--I spent the weekend of the 13th at my parent's home, Kev was down in Detroit for the auto show and I decided to spend some time with the folks, it was a pretty good visit and I had a really good time. The boys have officially moved into the upper flat of my parent's home so they are enjoying a bit of independence that having their own space brings. So, yup, all in all a pretty good weekend.

I'm sure there were tons of other stuff that happened over the last month or so, but for now most of it escapes me. Well, I'm off, time to make breakie and do some chores! :)