Friday, November 14, 2008

I have weekends again!

Woot! I can actually sleep in tomorrow, i.e. wake later than 5:45am. All is right with the world again! Sleep! Oh how I've missed thee. :)

Today is also my grandmother's birthday, and to celebrate we're taking her out to breakfast tomorrow at Cora's - should be a splendid little outing. I might be a bit bias, but I think she's the most awesome granny ever. Looking forward to catching up with her tomorrow. :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Running on nothing but adrenaline

Tomorrow marks day #13 since I've had a day away from the office. I think I've clocked over 160 hours during the past 12 days. Year-end is brutal. BRUTAL. I love my job, but these hours are killing me, I'm dreaming of hedges, SWAPs, various SBC plans, pension plans and tax scenarios every night! Not to mention that I am paranoid that I'm going to screw something up from being so mentally tired that I'm double checking and triple checking and questioning the logic behind entries that made perfect sense just hours earlier. Ugh.

I think I might be in a position to take this Sunday off though, here's hoping that the finance gods smile on me and things actually go according to plan. I've decided to go in for 9am tomorrow instead of the usual 7:30am - it's going to be a long day regardless, and I'd much rather have the extra Z's in the morning.

George, bless his soul, tells me he's coming in armed with coffee tomorrow. I think after year end is over, I just might take all of January off. :)