Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bunny is home!

My brother is back from Churchill. He spent the better part of the summer on a field research trip there, to say it's great having him home is an understatement. As a big sister I had my moments where I was worried about his well being especially since he was carrying a gun around constantly, in case of a bear threat. Fun.

I like having him home, now I get to enjoy all the stories he brings with him, starting with him being attacked by a goose as they attempted to put tags on them.

Welcome home, kiddo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Striving for a healthier lifestyle

Everywhere you turn, someone's talking about diet and exercise being an essential part of healthier living. I'll readily admit that I lack the motivation to drag myself to the gym. I'm way too pooped after work to even entertain the thought. I'll also readily admit that I refuse to not eat things that I crave. But something's gotta give, otherwise I know I will continue to lose the battle against weight gain.

So my compromise was portion control, walking a few more steps every day, and uping my water intake. To incorporate these three steps, and see how it goes, was the little deal I made with myself. Veggies, proteins and good fats have now become a staple for my lunches and dinners. I also now have breakfast at home in the mornings, and when it comes to snack foods, my rule is that it's okay to eat whatever I want, as long as I watched how much of it I was consuming.

I started this little experiment back on June 16th and have seen enough positive results to keep me going. According to the scale, I've lost about 17lbs in two months, most of which I'm sure was water weight, but it's helped in the motivation dept. And I'm doing it the healthy way, by still maintaining a balanced diet.

My goal is a return to a weight that I'm happy with by the holidays. That might be a bit lofty, but we'll have to wait and see.

For now though my clothes fit better, and that's reward enough to keep me plugging away at this. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gardening Woes

I've been working 14hr days for the past two weeks or so as we prepare for the release of the bank's quarter end results. As a result, not only did I miss Leah's party because I had to work this past Saturday, but my poor garden has suffered as well due to neglect.

Upon closer inspection and investigation, it appears as though Kev's poor rose bush at the front of our home, has developed black spot disease, which is a fungus known to attack roses. Actually, I think it has attacked both the yellow and red rose bushes. While the rose bush in the backyard has done really well we haven't had a whole lot of luck with the ones at the front, first we had cutter bees that punched holes in the leaves and well, now there's fungus thanks to the humid summer we've been having and the lack of dry, non-rainy days.

So tomorrow I get to break out the dormant oil that I used to save our Euonymus earlier this year and hope for a little miracle.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's amazing what pretty pink toenails will do for the soul

If you're reading this, you're probably staring at it in disbelief. No need to rub your eyes, yes, this indeed, is a new blog entry. Stop the press! ;)

If I think really hard about it, I'm sure I could compile you a list of everything that has happened since my last entry... to now. But none of it is really important, you've certainly got better things to do (I hope!), and well I'm too lazy to type it all. So let's not do that, hopefully I can keep the blog current going forward. :)

So what prompted this entry. Nothing significant really. Lying here on the couch, laptop on my lap, I couldn't help but notice my pink toes. It's a new fun shade for the week, maybe shade number 10 or so, in what has become a Sunday night tradition this summer. It's amazing what an at-home pedicure can do for the soul. It's my girly time, my alone time, my ignore-the husband time, after a nice hot shower... and it totally boosts my spirit. Pink nailpolish, I'm telling you, it's the new chocolate.

In other news, I'm scrapping again. It's really the only way I can relax, so that too is good for my soul. The wedding scrapbooks are all but complete and I've started work on our anniversary scrapbooks. I've got one going for each year and found the cutest 1-10 lettering for their spines! This means I've finally got new homes for all the keepsakes we've been gathering the past 4 years or so and just have to work on some layouts. I'll link some pics once I have something vaguely resembling a completed book or two. At which point Leah and Caty will probably point and openly laugh, at my pathetic attempt at creativity. :D

And that, my friends is my reflection for the day.